Exterior Size / L x W x H (cm): 80.2 x 52.1 x 30.1

● Interior Size / L x W x H (cm): 73.6 x 45.7 x 26.9

● Net Weight (kgs): 9.3

● Air Pressure Regulator: Auto

● Carry-on to fly: –

● Haulage Handle: ◎

● Wheel: ◎

● Protective Foam: 3 pre-cut + 1 egg-crate

● Protection classification: ASTM / IP67




Patent locking latch ensures two shells firm lock and prevents unexpected pop-up.
CROXS Case Features
Rubber O-ring at the rim of upper shell offers excellent water- tightness.

CROXS Case Features

Enhanced hinge engaged shelland box without interval gapfor utmost durability.

CROXS Case Features

Traveling noise is greatly eliminated by rubber-encompassed nylon caster, making it quite silent on the go(for models with casters only).
CROXS Case Features
Reinforcement at corner for max. toughness and durability.

CROXS Case Features

Extraordinary air pressure regulator for automatically adjusting the inner box pressure in accordance with the ambient air pressure but also keep the box free from water invasion. (auto air regulator applied for selected models only).

CROXS Case Features

Made of injection-molded PPcompound for the advantage ofanti-rust, corrosion free,dust-proof and impact resistant.
CROXS Case Features
Enhanced haulage handle, head of integrated shaping plastic, endures higher bending force.
CROXS Case Features


Egg-crate and pick-and-pluck foam for making custom-fit protection in line with any shape of equipment.
CROXS Case Features

manufactured for giving greatest protection to equipment over heavy transportation or rigorous weather condition. Croxs is engineered in high standard for catering to diverse demands from individuals, industrial users, government or even military department. Born to cross the boundary where extreme limit is invisible.


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