Chris James Filter 189 Cosmetic Silver Moss

14,500.00 13,000.00


Pale tint complementary to key lighting



Chris James has served the film and television industry for many years, and it is very often our filter films you see helping to create those special effects in your favourite films! We now offer over 200 colours, shades, and tints of filter films for the demanding and constantly changing applications in feature film, television, theatre, and professional photography. Our team of highly qualified chemists at our own Research & Development facility are the company’s future. Here ideas are initiated, then researched, developed and after rigorous testing come to fruition as a new product. Computer control assures consistent colours reel after reel. Our filter products are manufactured to British Standard 3944 & ISO 9002. Quality control procedures include a colour management system and ensure consistent colour time after time. After thorough testing each reel is accompanied by a Spectro- photometric Curve and a Colour Space Analysis. Finally, each product is checked by the most sensitive colour analysing device known, the human eye. The flexibility of our conversion department can allow customers to specify roll length and sheet size.


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