Arri 1000 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Light


High Output

This fixture produces a lot of light for its small size.
High Quality Fresnel Lens
Has a 5.1″ (130 mm) low expansion borosillicate fresnel lens
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The Arri 1000 Watt Plus Fresnel is best suited for use in studios and theatres. The yolk can be used to attach this unit to either 5/8″ or smaller lightstands. When equipped with an EGT 1000 watt bulb, available separately, this fixture throws a beam of light of 516 footcandles 2.9 feet in diameter from 15 feet, at full spot. This fixture throws a beam of 50 footcandles 21.7 feet in diameter from 15 feet, at full flood. This fixture is equipped for 120 Volt AC operation. It will also function with 220-240 AC Voltage, with the appropriate bulb and plug adapter, available separately.


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