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A leading Farm of professional lighting ,Camers and grip equipment in Pakistan.
MEDIA LINE SALE has established a strong reputation for quality and innovation. We hope that through this site, we can offer our customers more detailed information and service. The success of MEDIA LINE is a result of our commitment to provide the best products and service to those who work tirelessly behind the scene of motion pictures, television, and photography.
We appreciate your constant encouragement and input that pushes us to strive for better service and products that meet your requirements.

About Our Rental Company MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL

Founded in 2012, MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL is a provider of creative solutions for Concert Touring, Corporate and Special Events, and Trade Show, Television, Sport Events, Theatre and The Arts. Besides this, MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL offers additional services, e.g. designing light plans, sound system configurations, rigging plots, special customized constructions and video solutions. We can simulate your entire production so you can experience your design interactively.


MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL is the major rental company in PAKISTAN that regularly invests in the newest technology to ensure that we are able to offer you state-of-the-art products and solutions. Whether it is sound equipment, LED Technology, lighting equipment, constructions or rigging, we are always looking for new innovations, which give your events the ‘wow’ factor! Unlike some other technical suppliers, we invest in robust, high quality equipment to ensure that we are able to deliver the show you want!

Equipment is important, but MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL is foremost a team of motivated and creative professionals, which will work together to give you the same quality of experience whether you choose to hold an event at home or abroad. When you contact us for an equipment package and technical services for your Shoot, we will make the effort to discuss your specific requirements and give you a bespoke package of equipment and services based on your needs. We will always be able to find a suitable solution for you, to ensure that all the elements fit well within your production requirements and budget.


All of our staff is focused on providing you with the best service possible. From your initial discussions with our project managers through the experienced on-site crew, we want you to get the best solution for your needs. Over the years our team has grown and now we have 25 full time employees, along with a large team of expert freelance staff with whom we work regularly. This ongoing relationship ensures that your event will be serviced by crew with many years of industry experience, offering you confidence that with our contribution your show will run smoothly.


Please take your time to take the virtual tour to look into our site & Office and discover what we already done and what we can do for you.

You will discover that  MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL is more than technical supplier! You will discover that J MEDIA LIGHTS RENTAL can be your reliable partner!